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Quality Policy

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Coşkunöz Alabuga puts a customer-centric approach at the heart of its strategies to provide the best service to its customers and develop solutions that exceed their expectations.

Recognizing that human resources are indispensable and the most important asset for the success of this approach, it aims to create a working environment focused on continuous improvement and quality aware of its responsibilities towards the environment.

With its lean management philosophy and qualified staff, it continuously improves its processes to be competitive on an international level, supports them with information systems, promotes innovative and creative work that adds value, and sets its R&D approach as a strategic priority.

To achieve these goals, integrated quality management systems are established and developed with a risk and opportunity assessment approach in accordance with national and international standards.

In this context, we strive to develop and produce the most economic and fastest solutions that best suit customer needs with passion, and to fulfil our responsibilities towards our stakeholders in a sustainable way.

Eco and Safety Policy

Coskunoz Alabuga LLC is a manufacturer of automotive components, as well the first foreign investment project of Coskunoz Holding on establishment of stamping production in Russia.

Our company is committed to preventing injury, preserving health, protecting the environment and reducing the negative impact on it, both to its employees and to those working in its interests, taking into account government policy, expectations and needs of stakeholders.

  • Compliance with the norms and requirements applicable to the Company's activities established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, taking into account international directives for the recycling of materials, including the requirements of countries of export of products; Provision of the environmental impact reduction  thorough preventive actions; 
  • Provision of the Company's employees involvement in activities on reduction of environmental risks, continuous improvement of the environmental management system, environmental protection rates;
  • Building of capacity and awareness of the Company's employees roles in solution of environmental problems;
  • Provision of wide availability of environmental information related to the Company's environmental activities;
  • Environmental protection, including the pollution prevention and other mandatory requirements of Coskunoz Alabuga LLC.
  • Maintain an integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, stakeholders, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes;
  • To promote a process approach and thinking based on risk assessment and realization of opportunities
  • For implementation of the policy stated along with an established goals achievement degree analysis;
  • To provide the resources required;
  • To involve, manage and support employees; 
  • Ensure that workers are protected from retaliation when they report incidents, hazards, risks and opportunities;
  • To facilitate the realization of Company’s progress in the field of integrated management system.

Summary Sheet of the Results of the Special Assessment of Working Conditions

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