Coşkunöz Holding

Human Resources Policy

Coşkunöz Holding places Human Resources Management at the core of its business strategies and aims to manage all HR practices in an integrated, interconnected way in order to strengthen its competitiveness, maintain its leading position in the industry by providing high-quality products and services, and lead its companies into the future with its vision of “Unlimited Shaping”. 

In this vein, by placing our HR processes at the heart of our business priorities and objectives, we aim to;

  • Shape business processes within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety principles and responsibilities,

  • Provide qualified and measurable training and development opportunities for employees for continuous improvement and development,

  • Create a training and development environment for employees to realize, develop and utilize their inner potential by enabling them to focus on their strengths,

  • Employ open-minded people that see diversity that results from multiculturalism and differences as opportunity

  • Promote and encourage teamwork,

  •  Incorporate novelties into the company culture in line with an open-minded approach,

  •  Maintain the work-life balance of employees,

  • Work with responsible individuals with a high awareness of personal, social and environmental problems, and adopt policies that serve the public wellbeing and improve our business processes accordingly.

Life Is Inside

Coşkunöz Holding - Hayat İçerde (Life is Inside) Zafer Yıldırım
Hayat İçerde (Life is Inside) - Zafer Yılmaz